True Gratitude

grateful heart

Over the years, True Gratitude to me has been about the simple things, felt with all the senses:

Standing behind a woman at the grocery store who moved at a snail’s pace, but who turned and gave you the dime you were short for your purchase

Smelling the beautiful flowers in a garden you walked by after your car broke down a half mile from home

Finding your grandmother’s recipe for apple plum cake and when you make it, the kitchen is filled with a smell that takes you back to your childhood where innocence and wonder reined

Overhearing your spouse show solidarity in reaffirming rules you set for your teenagers who wanted to push the limits

Sitting in the kitchen of your best friends’ parents, reminiscing at the same table you sat at 35 years before, laughing over silly things like sneaking ingredients in the chili or burning the pancakes

Rescuing your son’s family when the electricity goes out in a heavy snow storm and they have to spend Christmas at your house with your first grandchild who is just two weeks old (what a shame)

Finding that videotape made when the kids were young that you thought was long lost and actually finding a VHS player to play it on

Hearing your grandchildren laugh at something funny your son told them about his grandparents (is there such thing as generational gratitude?)

The older I get, the more I realize that humility and gratitude are the necessary ingredients of pure joy……and they are found daily in the simple things…

~  Mick E. ~


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