Life Long Friendships

lor and me reunion

In high school 1977 ~ at 30 year high school reunion 2009

Watched a show on PBS yesterday about “Life Long Friends”….It said that today, true friendships are becoming “fewer and far between.”   It made me think:  It’s so easy to cast away friendships like we cast away our “recyclables.”  True life long friendships are almost like a marriage….we live, love, laugh and play together when we’re young…..get in trouble together in our teenage years…..we grow a little older (and hopefully wiser) and call each other on our bullshit when we screw up….. we negotiate and compromise when needed.  If we lose touch for a year or two, we can always pick up right where we left off.  We know each others’ deepest secrets and would carry them to the grave if need be.  Over the years, when a crisis occurs, a car breaks down, a baby is born, a family member dies, WE ARE ALWAYS THERE………..A hundred Thanksgivings and Christmases that we scarcely remember, but when in need, we still have them on our cell phone speed dial (after all the kids).  We keep thinking that maybe someday we’ll get hip enough for Skype and Face Time, but we still prefer to “let our fingers do the walking.”  Today I send my love and blessings to all those who still have what my daughter would call “a solid BFF” and you should give them a call and say “What’s up?”

~ Mick E. ~


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