Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid…

elaina reflection 

Today my daughter showed me a postcard she’d received in which a guy had written her poetry….I soon realized it was the lyrics of an old Van Morrison song…she told me “my friend thinks this song reminds me of him”…

As I read the card, my heart fell deep… my soul revealing….

Reminiscing of a time I knew so long ago…

In my youth at 19 years old, this was THEE SONG that brought her father and I together those many years before….and not before insurmountable odds worked against us…..only to create this beautiful little girl a year later….

I suddenly had one of those “fluttery moments” in my heart…..  I wanted to try and explain to her how I was feeling…… but hey…

Some things are better left unsaid…..  ~  Mick E  ~


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