~ A Soul In Balance ~

balance rocks

BREATHE (Physical)  It is the first thing you do upon your birth, your first infusion of human life outside the womb—the beginning of your earthly journey.  As you breathe in life, your physical body grows.  Breath is the most integral element of your physical being.  It can protect you, keep you healthy, aid in immunity, keep you centered and is the pathway to communion with God in prayer.  Nourish the body.  Learn to listen to its subtle rhythms when in distress.  It is a magnificent machine that knows how to heal itself when given the opportunity.  Moderation in all things, reverence for healthy behavior, exercise, nutrition, rest, play.  Your breath is your anchor of focus, the calm in a sea of chaos, the direction given at the crossroads.

THINK (Mental) Your mind is a tool.  The computer that operates your body and YOU are at the controls.  Exercise your mind.  Knowledge is vast, but is nothing without wisdom and understanding.  Expand your vocabulary and your self-awareness will also expand.  Words are necessary for effective communication and expression of ideas.  Your imagination is limited only by the lack of words to NAME and describe your reality.  Learn the laws of nature through mind—cause and affect, attraction and repulsion, reason and chaos.  Your mind provides you with the ability to learn and grow, make mistakes, explore the world, correct behavior, understand conflict and confrontation, harmony and resolution, troubleshooting, environment and ecosystems, culture and community.  Everything you create begins with a thought.  You are the creator of your own reality, so everything you are, you have created.  Therefore, be disciplined in your thoughts.  You can control the balance of positive and negative through practice and mindful meditation.

LOVE (Emotional) Through thought and physical urges, we learn that we have a range of feelings as diverse as grains of sand.  Here lies sadness, joy, anger, gratitude, pride, humility, envy, compassion.  The spectrum is Neg = Fear; Pos = Love.  Navigating through life, we experience a multitude of feelings.  It is our job to find a balance.  The negative are necessary for learning and growth.  The positive are the gifts of the Holy Spirit reflecting our true self.  Your soul in balance.  When the negative hurts us, we are prone to want to avoid feeling those emotions, yet it is only through acknowledgment and expression that we can extinguish their power over us.  Emotions that go unattended will become toxic and eventually find their way to the surface.  FEEL-DEAL-HEAL.  Feelings are your connection to the soul.  Once you know love, you know your creator.  Communion with the Holy Spirit that resides within you is possible only along the pathway of your emotions.  Think of them as a rainbow of colors.  All distinct, yet necessary for experiencing life to the fullest and creating the grandest reality.

PRAY (Spiritual)  Your connection to that which created you.  Intuition, serendipity, synchronicity, your connection to ALL THAT IS, the eternal universe of abundance without limitation.  It is where you came from.  When you are still and silent, with clarity and focus, you can hear the Angels singing and the voice of God through your higher self.  NOURISH YOUR LOVE OF SELF.  A strong sense of self will guide you through life and reveal your true authenticity.  It is your salvation, your sanctuary, your life line.  Nourish it every day.  Cultivate it like a garden.  Clear the weeds so that your flowers blossom and your trees bear fruit.  Spread your spiritual wholeness to those around you.  Your relationships with others will be a reflection of who you perceive yourself to be.  The energy you emit will have a ripple effect with those around you.  The more love you give, the more the world is effected and the more it comes back to you.  After all, life is a circle.


Practice BALANCE every day.  Once you have Mastery of balance, you can achieve transformation.  This is the essence of the 5th element.  Here you are connected to the universe, “plugged in” and in constant flow.  This is a state of true knowing where all things are possible.  There is no contradiction, only pure love and light.

Practice with expectancy and gratitude.  Give thanks, ask for guidance, sit in the quiet stillness of the universe.  The knowledge of being connected to everything, where you are on purpose, you are a channel of God’s will.  Be open to receive the Holy Spirit and your path will be shown to you.  You can create a life of limitless possibilities.  This is where you paint the grandest landscape of your desires and dreams…    ~  Mick E.  ~